Break Away – Pleasure State

The legendary supergroup Pleasure State is back with a brand new track that is fun and bouncy.

Consisting of top-level DJ/artist’s MK, Lee Foss, and Anabel Englund, Pleasure State has continually released tracks that have a unique sound and always include a bouncing bass line. Utilizing Anabel Englund’s beautiful, perfect-for-house voice, they craft tracks that have emotional drive, as well as, danceable feels.

Check out “Break Away” below and keep your ears peeled for more from the dynamic group. We look forward to it!

Where to Listen: In the Car, Running, Bike Ride

Vibe: Dreamy, Upbeat, Euphoric

Genre: House

If you enjoyed that track, check out some of Pleasure State’s other awesome tracks like “Take My Time” & “Electricity” below.

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