Slow Down – Gilligan Moss

Being newer to the scene, duo Gilligan Moss has hit it out of the park with their self-titled debut album. The album ranges from a more chill feel-good indie vibe to funky dance-inspiring house, with some truly fun vibes in between. 

“Slow Down” is one of the more chill tracks on the album, but it has been stuck in our heads since we first heard it! True to most of their releases, the instrumentation sounds raw and real with no shortage of danceability and the best touch of funk with a dreamy vocal that brings all of the feel-good vibes. 

This tune is definitely one that takes you somewhere that is peaceful and happy, encouraging you to “slow down” and enjoy what’s in front of you!

Where to Listen: On a Drive, At the Beach, Relaxing at Home

Vibe: Chill, Feel-Good, Happy

Genre: Indie Dance

If this one did it for you, we couldn’t urge you more to check out the entire album! Some of our other favorites are “GM from GM :),” “Leaving the Station,” and the previously-released “Ultraparadíso!”

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