Ask Me – Duck Sauce, A-Trak, & Armand Van Helden

A-Trak and Armand Van Helden are both superstar producers and have been at the top for some time now.

Both have endured long-lasting careers in the music industry as well as a lengthy history of producing as a duo ever since coming together in 2009, birthing the always upbeat, funky, and joyous sound of Duck Sauce.

This March, the duo released a two track single featuring “Ask Me,” a groovy house track that is every bit as fun, danceable, and funky as we tend like around here with all of the summertime vibes. This one comes in with not only a super clean beat and an attention-grabbing vocal, but there are layers of strings that come in and out making it as light and fun as they come. 

Where to Listen: At the Beach, On a Drive, Working Out 

Vibe: Groovy, Summery, Fun

Genre: Funk House

If you like this track, check out the other half of the single “Mesmerize” for a more upbeat dance floor-ready disco feel as well as some of the duo’s classics, such as “Barbara Streisand” below.

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