LEAVE ME – Peach Tree Rascals

California based music collective Peach Tree Rascals originally got big by going viral on Tik-Tok for their track “Mariposa,” but their follow-ups to that track have been just as impressive.

On their new track “LEAVE ME,” we get some super summer-y vibes with a fun beat and guitar plucking along with some awesome vocals from the group.

“LEAVE ME” feels like a track out of late 90s/early 2000s summers. It’s reminiscent of songs made by LEN, Sugar Ray, and more. We’re excited to see the continued growth from Peach Tree Rascals as they move past Tik-Tok fame into the mainstream.

Where to Listen: In the Morning, At the Beach, In the Car

Vibe: Laid Back, Fun, Happy

Genre: Indie Pop

Check out a couple of their other top songs, “Mariposa” & “Mango,” below.

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