IP’s New Music Friday – March 12th, 2021

Welcome to another action-packed week of Infinite Purple’s New Music Friday recap where we listen through this week’s released tracks to bring you the songs that stand out!

Read all the way through or make your way to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of our Friday discoveries.

Rising star, Magsy, has released the 6th and final track of his debut EP, R U STILL WATCHING, and it is definitely one of our favorites. With some moody guitars and Magsy’s impeccable songwriting skills, “R U STILL WATCHING,” is a perfect representation of the feel of his debut release. Check out the full EP here and keep your ears open for new music this year!

I Wanna Help Your Mind – Goth Babe
We’ve been consistently blown away by the production and songwriting skills of Griff aka Goth Babe. On his latest track, “I Wanna Help Your Mind,” he shows us once again how unique and impressive his musical abilities are. It perfectly blends electronic synths, acoustic guitar, and a simple, but energetic beat to create a song that we will be keeping on repeat for time to come.

Bad Dream – Cannons
Los Angeles trio, Cannons, originally came onto our radar with their incredible track “Fire for You” off their 2019 album Shadows. This week, we got their first release of 2021 and it is spectacular. The trio perfectly nails a warm 80s feel utilizing a pumping beat, dreamy synths, and the lead singers easily recognizable vocals. What a treat!

Hématome – L’Impératrice
French electronic group, L’Impératrice, have been pumping out awesome funky tunes for many years now and we are huge fans. In the buildup to their forthcoming album, they have blessed us with their final single before the album is released on March 16th. “Hématome” is a groovy, funkified track that makes us extremely excited for what’s to come from the group.

Trumpet Call – Bellaire (ft. Roy Markson)
From time to time there is an artist that comes around that really hits the nail on the head with every single track they release, and Bellaire is exactly that and more. Since our initial introduction to Bellaire we have been absolutely hooked on the Parisian producer’s vibe. In terms of funk, uniqueness, and the overall joy that comes from listening to “Trumpet Call”, we couldn’t be more pleased. The beat is perfectly punchy and clean with various high-energy trumpet riffs that come and go, making this one an instant favorite! If this one did it for you, we highly suggest checking out some of Bellaire’s biggest hits such as “Paris City Jazz” and “My Love.”

Home (Toro Y Moi Remix) – Caribou
Two incredible artists team up on this song as one of our favorites, Toro Y Moi, remixes “Home” from Caribou’s 2020 album Suddenly. In it, Chaz aka Toro Y Moi puts his own unique spin on the awesome track bringing in his sounds and beats like only Toro can.

Jerry Brain – The Sponges
As their debut release on Box Of Cats, Miami-based duo The Sponges killed it with this release. The guys carved out their own unique funk-house sound right off the bat, and “Jerry Brain” is as good of an example of it as there is. From start to finish, this one is overflowing with funk and sass and we cannot wait to groove to it on the dance floor!

Bailar Riddim – Simon Fava & Yvan Back
New artists on our radar, Simon Fava and Yvvan Back, come together for an upbeat and energetic Latin-inspired house tune, “Bailar Riddim.” With layers of horns and an attention-grabbing Spanish vocal atop a rolling bassline, this one is destined to raise the energy of clubs across the globe. With this release being put out by Enormous Tunes, we are eager to see these artists continued success!

How Does It Feel – London Grammar
English trio, London Grammar, fully released their newest EP this week with the title track “How Does It Feel.” This track is really special and puts their lead singers voice on display while a fun bass line and beat rocks in the background. This is a fun and emotional track that is exciting to hear from the trio.

Pop It – Cloonee
Cloonee has been on top of the club-style releases for a couple of years now, topping the charts with most of his releases. “Pop It” is at the top of our list of Cloonee favorites, with the catchiest of vocals and a really clean beat that couldn’t be better for the peak hours of your next night out with friends! If this one did it for you, you will be guaranteed to discover more favorites-to-be in his collection.

Strut Cho Phunky Stuff (Sho’ Nuff) (Mike Dunn Black Glitter MixX) – Mike Dunn
There’s just no way around it: most songs that have the word “phunky” in the name are going to grab our attention, especially when Mike Dunn and Glitterbox is involved! This track has a house beat, but is definitely more of a vocal-forward feel-good groove than a dance floor anthem. If you aren’t familiar with Mike Dunn he usually tends to use his own voice for his vocals, and always brings the phunk. We suggest checking out some of his classic tracks that made us fall in love with his sound, such as “If I Can’t Get Down” and “Til The World Blow Up.”

Afters ’96 – Marc McCabe & Kevin McKay
When New Music Friday comes around, we always bank on Kevin McKay bringing the funky house vibes. In “Afters ‘96” McKay comes together with Marc McCabe for his first-ever release that ended up being a really fun dance track. This one starts with a really bouncy beat and bassline, with layers of various Disclosure-esq synths and a few snippets of sax that make it feel utterly groovy.

2-Track Single Best Friend – CAPYAC
Electronic funk duo, CAPYAC, is back this week with a new 2-track release that is funky as fork. “Best Friend” is a groovy, laid back track that is as fun as it is soothing. “Alright” sits in a more electronic, upbeat space, but is also really awesome. Keep an ear out for their debut album coming sometime this year!

3-Track Single Feel Good – Saint Motel
Funk rock band, Saint Motel, put so much personality into their music and it is always a good time. Today, they blessed us with three new tracks that will get you up and dancing. The first, “Feel Good,” was made for the upcoming Netflix movie YES DAY and it is really upbeat and fun. The other two tracks, “A Good Song Never Dies,” & “Preach,” are both very vibrant and funky songs that are super nice on the ears.

EP Stay Strong Play Long – NEIL FRANCES
Electronic duo, NEIL FRANCES, released their EP Stay Strong Play Long today and it is a joy. Their fun but laid back electronic stylings make this the perfect music for the beach or a long walk. They bring in awesome guitar riffs and bass lines to make this a very special grouping of tracks. Some of our favorites from the EP are “Mr Blue,” “I’m In Love with You,” & “On the Lookout (ft. Raffaella).”

EP Dancy Party – Lewis OfMan
We first found Lewis OfMan through Polo & Pan, as he was consistently opening for them and they were playing his incredible track “Flash.” Today, he released his newest EP Dancy Party which, as you can tell from the name, is a super fun, funky and original 5-track project that includes some of our recent favorites from him “Attitude” & “Dancy Boy.”

Album This Is This – Grouplove
Indie rock band, Grouplove, has released a brand new album after they released another awesome album, Healer, last year. We’ve always loved Grouplove’s energetic indie rock sound and it definitely takes center stage on their new album, This Is This. Some of our favorites from the album are “Deadline,” “Oxygen Swimming,” & “Shake That Ass.”

Album Obviously – Lake Street Drive
5-piece band, Lake Street Drive, has seamlessly blended funk, soul, R&B, and rock music to create a sound that is uniquely theirs since they began 15 years ago. On their newest album, Obviously, they continue to show their musical skill and creativity. Some of our favorite tracks from the album are “Lackluster Lover,” “Know That I Know,” & “Same Old News.”

And some more tracks that stood out this week:

For the full IP’s NMF playlist including many additional songs not featured above, check the playlist below:

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