Addicted – Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith is a musical powerhouse in the R&B world and she has blessed us with a beautiful new track today.

Her impeccable voice, style, and musical presence makes her standout as one of the best singers and artists of modern times. Jorja’s voice is beautiful and causes deep emotions for her listeners.

In her newest track, “Addicted,” Jorja sings about how her lover should be addicted to her, but is not. She puts her abilities on display on this track showing how she can create so much emotion and originality with a minimal beat and production. Keep Jorja Smith on your radar this year and if it becomes possible, we highly recommend seeing her live!

Where to Listen: Relaxing at Home, In the Morning, On A Walk

Vibe: Emotional, Laid Back, Sensual

Genre: R&B

Here are some of our other favorite tracks from the incredible Jorja Smith – “Blue Lights” & “Teenage Fantasy.”

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