Dark Wings (Nicolas Pera Remix) – Mumbaata & Computambor

Nicolas Pera is a Brazilian producer based out of Los Angeles whose releases always bring the coolest downtempo Brazilian house vibes!

In his remix of “Dark Wings,” Pera uses layers of natural sounds and organic instrumentation to craft a deep South American feel utop some drums and bass that will definitely pull you out of your seat. Over the course of it’s 6-minute duration, this song continues to build and develop, taking you on a unique musical journey.

We’re sure that we have just gotten a taste of what all Nicolas Pera has in store, so keep an eye on his releases this year!

Where to Listen: On a Walk, At the Beach, In Nature

Vibe: Chill, Dreamy, Natural

Genre: Downtempo House

And check out a couple of our other favorite tracks from Nicolas Pera, “Nova” & “Atlas,” below.

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