It Don’t Matter (CAPYAC Remix) – Midnight Generation

Disco-electronic-pop group Midnight Generation, based out of Chihuahua, Mexico, comes together with French duo CAPYAC for their early 2021 release of “It Don’t Matter (CAPYAC Remix),” and this collaboration is everything we could have asked for from both genre-bending groups.

The beat and bass guitar on this one definitely make you want to move but when integrated with the vocal, synths, and guitar, it actually carries a soothing and chill indie feel that lifts your mood and simply feels good to listen to.

CAPYAC is known for their ever-changing style of productions, dabbling in downtempo electronic, melodic house, disco and hip-hop. They attest their diverse collection of releases to their continuous work with different collaborators, and it shows as they bring many of them to their unique and unpredictable live performances! 

Where to Listen: On a Walk, Watching the Sunset, At the Beach

Vibe: Funky, Chill, Feel Good

Genre: Funk Indie Dance

If this song’s for you, check out a few more by these two awesome artists below!

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