Sensitive – Richie Quake

Modern indie rock singer/songwriter/guitarist Richie Quake released his newest track and his first of the year setting himself up for an amazing 2021.

After releasing a slew of great songs since 2017, Richie continues his path towards stardom with his new track “Sensitive.” On it, Richie uses his impeccable guitar and pedal skills to craft a laid back track with a dreamy beach feel to it. His voice and songwriting brings an emotional charge to this track that will touch you deep down.

Richie’s unique and relaxing music style is reminiscent of artists like Mac DeMarco and many of the other modern indie bands that we love. We look forward to following along on Richie’s journey as he continues on this year!

Where to Listen: In the Morning, At the Beach, On a Walk

Vibe: Dreamy, Relaxed, Nostalgic

Genre: Indie Rock

Richie Quake has released some really awesome tracks over the last few years. Check out a couple of our favorites, “Nothing in My Head” & “Lonely Heart,” below.

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