IP’s New Music Friday – February 19th, 2021

Welcome to another wonderful week of Infinite Purple’s New Music Friday recap where we listen through this week’s released tracks to bring you the songs that stand out!

Read all the way through or make your way to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of our Friday discoveries.

Fireworks – Purple Disco Machine (ft. Moss Kena & The Knocks)
There is nothing like the feel of a new Purple Disco Machine song. The nu-disco superstar’s newest track, “Fireworks,” is a dancefloor ready song that’s full of joy and hope for the fun we’re all eager for. Teaming up with one of our other favorite electronic artists’ The Knocks and singer Moss Kena, Fireworks is an absolute blast (no pun intended) of a song. For a little extra fun, check out the music video here.

We’ve been blessed with yet another wonderful track from the rising star, Magsy. On “INTERNET,” Magsy sings about his friends falling in love on the internet to a driving beat and a fun bass-line. The budding superstar has a knack for creating songs that have deep emotion and create a vibe that is perfect for a solo drive in the car or thinking to yourself on a walk. We’ll take as much Magsy as we can possibly get.

Rocky – Still Woozy
Still Woozy has been on the rise since his hit single “Goodie Bag” back in 2017. He continues to grow his sound and prove to us why he is one of the best in the game. In his new song “Rocky,” the solo artist creates a unique, laid back vibe that feels good in the soul. This guy knows how to put together a quality song and this is just another example of his immense talent.

Last Time – Insightful
Not only is Insightful an incredibly deep and powerful musician, he also happens to be a truly wonderful human. Although he produces tracks for some truly remarkable artists, Insightful is really proving himself in his own artist project. “Last Time.” our favorite track of his so far, has an amazing pounding bass line and incorporates some unique and mind bending synth sounds. The vocals add an extra element to the track making it reminiscent of one of our all time favorites, Tame Impala. Keep an eye out for more from our friend Insightful!

Producer KAYTRANADA has released his first track of 2021 titled “Caution.” Originally pre-releasing as an exclusive partnership with Tik Tok, the track was used in tons of videos and demonstrates an interesting new interaction between the music industry and the massive video app. This song has a nice, laid back beat and vocal chop that we’ve come to love from the hip hop influenced producer.

Talk To Me – Earth n Days
Ever since we found them on our radar when their biggest hit “Just Be Good To Me” rocked dance floors across the globe, Earth n Days has been consistently pumping out new tracks catered to their own unique style, specializing in a more dance floor ready style of funk-house. “Talk To Me” is everything we expect from the duo and more; punching percussions, funky bass, and some old-school sounding synths to tie things together. Keep an eye out for Earth n Days or look back to some of their popular classics, you won’t be disappointed! 

Good 4 Me – Vindata
LA-based duo, Vindata, utilize their Hip-Hop & R&B influences to craft some really awesome electronic music. Their newest track, “Good 4 Me,” is a bouncy track that incorporates a funky bass, some fun arpeggiated synths, and some cool vocal chops. Check it out and keep an ear out for more from the electronic duo.

Gotta Move On (Sgt Slick’s Melbourne ReCut) – The Sponges
The Sponges original release of “Gotta Move On” is a major standout of a track and is also a seriously enjoyable remix of the 1979 classic “Funky Town,” bringing in a funky tech-house style beat that nicely incorporates some of the melodies from the original. This mix is also a bouncy and danceable house track, but this rendition is stripped down a bit more, maintaining more of a feel from the original. Leaving behind the big drops and grand buildups, this mix instead has a consistent bass line throughout that is as funky as it is juicy, making it an enjoyable groove all the way through! 

Purple Sands – Blank & Jones & David Harks
“Purple Sands” is a laid back, beach leaning track from Blank & Jones and David Harks. It is a track that will make you feel relaxed and excited at the same time. The artists take you on a nice musical journey that will make you float away with as you walk in the Purple Sand.

Play In The Dark – Seth Troxler & The Martinez Brothers
New York Based DJ duo, The Martinez Brothers, and Detroit born & bred DJ/Producer “Seth Troxler” collabs for a freaky underground club hit. If you’re not a fan of dark techno/house with strange lyrics and sounds,then this track may not be for you, but we definitely love it. 

Cubanito – Kideko
UK house DJ/producer Kideko brings us “Cubanito,” his debut release on his own label, the newly-sprouted Make Em Move. This track is absolutely delicious, serving a driving funk-house beat, the catchiest of vocals, and some acid-style synths in the mix too. With “Cubanito” being our first taste from the Make Em Move crew, we can’t wait to see what they do with the rest of the year!

Spiced Run – Dam Swindle
This is the second single released that will be apart of new EP coming soon. Dam Swindle is a dynamic DJ duo that has mastered the art of house music. This track infuses Detroit style house music, swinging jazzy bass line and Latin dance influences to provide the perfect song lose yourself in the groove.

Album times – SG Lewis
SG Lewis is quickly proving that he deserves to be at the very top of the music industry. Whether its his entrancing live shows or unique sound through his original music, the electronic superstar is constantly proving his worth. His new album times is a clear example of why he should be a staple in everyone’s playlists and it features some of the best artists around. Some of our favorite tracks from his newest album include “Time (ft. Rhye),” “One More (ft. Nile Rodgers),” & “Impact (ft. Robyn & Channel Tres).”

Album Terra Firma – Tash Sultana
Rock icon, Tash Sultana, has released her long awaited new album Terra Firma. We’ve known this album was going to be amazing based off the singles she has released over the last few months, but it truly is a work of art. She puts her powerful songwriting and guitar playing skills on full blast through her beautifully crafted 14-track album. Some of our favorites include “Blame It On Society,” “Willow Tree (ft. Jerome Farah),” & “Sweet & Dandy.”

Album Women In Music Pt. III – HAIM
The sisters of HAIM are so damn good at what they do. On their newest album, Women In Music Pt. III, they add another group of wonderful tracks to their repertoire. They’re rocking sound continues to push boundaries and create emotionally powerful songs. Some of our favorites of the third installment of their Women In Music album series are “Gasoline (ft. Taylor Swift),” “3 AM (ft. Thundercat,” & “Los Angeles.”

Album Subtropique – Nicola Cruz
Nicolas Cruz new EP is a beautiful adventure that must be heard with an open mind. It is experimental electronic sound is immersed incredibly with tropical sounds and Latin percussion.

And some more tracks that stood out this week:

For the full IP’s NMF playlist including many additional songs not featured above, check the playlist below:

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