Help – Jacob Schaner

Today we’re excited to share a fresh and new release from an LA-based up and comer on the scene, Jacob Schaner! “Help” is his first official release, and it is a beautifully raw and vulnerable track about the struggles of life and how hard it can be to pick ourselves up without a little bit of help. 

Starting with a light piano and a nicely chill beat, there is a calming and reminiscent vibe that is carried throughout the entirety of the track. The vocal is soothing and raw, and the chorus is just catchy enough to get stuck in any listeners head! 

Jacob Schaner has releases scheduled deep into 2021, and we cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us!

Where to Listen: Relaxing at Home, On a Walk, Reminiscing

Vibe: Raw, Contemplative, Emotional

Genre: Indie R&B

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