Armaghetton (Aeroplane Remix) – Marco Faraone & Greeko

When we first heard “Armaghetton” we knew immediately that it was destined to be in our vault of IP favorites. Aeroplane took the hard-and-fast original and suped it up into a ultra fun and explosively funky Glitterbox-style tune that had us hooked after the first listen due to it’s approachability for nearly any audience. 

This track carries all the elements that we love about modern funk/disco-style house; combining the more expected elements such as horns, piano chords, and all of the funky bass guitar you could ask for, with a truly epic vocal that you’ll be singing to yourself for days to come after listening! 

If you aren’t familiar with Glitterbox, it is a “nightlife phenomenon” of a party that is put on by Defected Records in celebration of diversity and inclusion of all, with a positive and uplifting party atmosphere for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and orientations. They have many in-person events around the globe and release only the most joyous and uplifting disco, house, and soulful dance anthems. 

Where to Listen: Dance Party, Working Out, Skating

Vibe: Funky, Joyous, Fun

Genre: Funk House

If you enjoyed this track and want more, we highly suggest checking out Purple Disco Machine’s (one of our favorite Glitterbox artists) set from Printworks, London down below! 

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