Red and White Remix – Patawawa

One of our favorite new bands, Patawawa, has been pumping out summery, sunshine soaked funk dance tracks over the last few years and they just continue to get better and better.

We originally found them after hearing their amazing song “Forget About You” during the summer of 2020. Ever since then, they’ve brought us a slew of fun songs. On their remix of their own 2015 song, “Red and White,” Patawawa brings the vibes we’ve grown to love from the budding English band.

They consistently blend their live rock elements with a disco funk groove to make these songs perfect for the dance-floor, the beach, or just anywhere where you’re looking to have fun. Put this one on and get in the groove with Patawawa!

Where to Listen: At the Beach, Dancing with Friends, In the Car

Vibe: Funky, Upbeat, Fun

Genre: Disco Funk

Check out more from this wonderful band as they continue to catapult into peoples ears around the world. Some of our other favorite tracks from the group include “Just Not With You,” “Forget About It,” & “adadadeya – DJ Edit.”

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