IP’s New Music Friday – January 29th, 2021

Welcome to an action-packed week of Infinite Purple’s New Music Friday recap where we sift through this week’s released tracks to bring you the songs that stand out!

Read all the way through or make your way to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of our Friday discoveries.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last couple months, its that up-and-coming superstar Magsy does not miss. On “CALLER ID,” Magsy leverages his impeccable voice and songwriting skills to craft an emotionally stunning track that is sure to connect with a wide audience. This one’s going on repeat.

Daybreak – Holiday87 (ft. The Knocks)
One half of electronic duo, The Knocks, is preparing to release an album in the next couple weeks. Known as Holiday87 for his solo work, he has released a wonderful track to warm us up featuring The Knocks (which is technically half him haha). On “Daybreak,” we get a laid back, summertime jam that brings some fun, pounding piano keys along with a sun-soaked vocal.

Dearest Alfred (MyJoy) – Khruangbin (ft. Knxwledge)
Modern soul, psychedelic, RnB, rock group Khruangbin continues to shine musical light into our lives. On their first release of 2021, they team up with hip hop producer Knxwledge to make a laid back track that mixes the typical vibes of Khruangbin with a bumping hip hop beat. Can’t wait for what’s to come from Khruangbin in 2021!

Baby Who – Michael Brun & Shay Lia
Haitan producer, Michael Brun, has teamed up with Montreal-based singer Shay Lia to create a fun, unique track that will definitely make you want to dance. The combination of Michael’s funky, latin feeling beat and Shay’s soothing voice makes this track especially entrancing. These two are surely on the rise so keep an ear out!

Gravity – Brent Faiyez & DJ Dahi (ft. Tyler, the Creator)
R&B sensation Brent Faiyez brings us another amazing track featuring DJ Dahi and the always great Tyler, the Creator. Brent’s voice is incredible and this track has such a vibe to it. Tyler comes in with a verse that fits perfectly over the r&b beat. We definitely appreciate this one!

Canary Islands – Goth Babe
Washington based artist, Goth Babe, surely knows how to live and it comes out through his music. On “Canary Islands,” Goth Babe combines a fun beat, some awesome backing vocals, and stellar songwriting to bring us a super cool track that’s reminiscent of MGMT & Vampire Weekend but with his own unique style.

Momma Always Told Me – Mike Posner (ft. Stanaj & Yung Bae)
Mike Posner’s new track is quite the disco vibe. Summoning the nu disco feels of producer Yung Bae and the crooning of singer Stanaj, Mike provides us with a dance-floor ready track that has all the feels of a fun, summertime pop hit.

Brave New World – Paco Versailles
Paco Versailles latest track is different than their past releases in that it doesn’t have the house/electronic tinge that we’ve become accustomed to. Instead, it’s a soft, acoustic, emotional song that is quite beautiful. It contains the same great aspects of their sound, just without the big synths and house beats.

Body (Joel Corry Remix) – Megan Thee Stallion
Since Megan The Stallion’s viral track “Body” was released, we’ve been eager to hear a top notch house remix and Joel Corry hit it out of the park. He intertwines the attitude and sass that we love from the original vocal with a tech house banger, making this a delicious remix!

EP Monsoon EP – Nora En Pure
The deep house/melodic techno goddess, Nora En Pure, is back for her first release of the year with a breathtaking 3-track EP. This one is in true Nora fashion: melodic, mysterious, and as deep as it gets. Her music fits most moments, but is divine while enjoying nature.

EP Gnawa Remixes EP – Polocorp
Here at IP, we love Polocorp and we love Yuksek. Luckily, today we get an awesome remix of an amazing Polocorp track by the dance, disco producer Yuksek. Both remixes on this EP are great and definitely worth a listen.

Album Peach – Aaron Childs
Rock up and comer, Aaron Childs, first came onto our map late last year with his standout track “Warrior.” Here we get the EP that houses that track and 4 others that are extremely impressive. His musical styling is reminiscent of classic rock days and the type of gritty rock music that we haven’t heard much of in recent times. Some of our favorites are “Peach,” “Bubbly,” & “Scratch.”

EP Together Alone – Sebb Junior
Sebb Junior just keeps pumping out funky, disco house tracks and we are all here for it. On his new EP, Together Alone, Sebb brings some amazing R&B vibes to his typical disco house sounds. This EP has an amazing vibe to it being laid back, funky, and fun at the same time. Some of our favorite tracks are “All of My Life (ft. Paula),” “Special (ft. Muhsinah),” and “Searchin’ (ft. Karmina Dai).”

Album Sound Ancestors – Madlib
Hip hop DJ, Producer, and MC, Madlib, brings us a wonderful new album of stylish tracks that we love. A few of our favorite tracks off the album are “Two for 2 – For Dilla,” “Road of the Lonely Ones,” and “Chino.”

EP Atlantic Exchanges, Vol. 1
Colombian producer and DJ, Felipe Gordon, has carved out his own niche spot in the world of dance music with his unique and distinguishable sound. This EP is everything we could have asked for, accenting Gordon’s lounge-feeling and minimal style of house music. 

Album OK Human – Weezer
Weezer is still pumping out quality music in 2021. Their new album, OK Human, is fun and has the feels of their earlier work that we all loved when we were younger. Some of our favorite tracks are “Grapes of Wrath,” “Dead Roses,” & “Aloo Gobi.”

And some more tracks that stood out this week:

For the full IP’s NMF playlist including many additional songs not featured above, check the playlist below:

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