Whisper – Dennis Ferrer & Disciples (ft. James Yuill)

We have now grown accustomed to expecting that every drop by Defected Records will be gold, and we have not been disappointed yet. 

Dennis Ferrer who often doesn’t do collaborations decided to link up with South London trio, Disciples, and London based singer song-writer, James Yuill, to create a 2021 living room hit.

“Whisper” holds its pace for most of the song but you never get bored of it, with its mystical like bass line and vocals.

Where to Listen: Relaxing At Home, On a Bike Ride, Dance Party

Vibe: Dreamy, Fun, Laid Back

Genre: House

Some of our other favorite tracks by Dennis Ferrer are “Sunny Days (ft. Dawn Tallman),” “The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix),” & “Destination.”

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