Fighting Slowly – Voilaaa (ft. Ayuune Sule)

If a song makes you want to get of your bed and start dancing at 7:45am then you may or may not be listening to Voilaaa. Their music has always produces a feel good vibe with unique sounds from all over the world.

This time they collabed with the great Ghanaian Kologo musician Ayuune Sule whose often known by his fans as just “Suul.” This track is funky in all the right places and has a wonderful bouncing beat.

Get this one going when you’re relaxing on the beach or riding around town on your bike!

Where to listen: At the Beach, On a Bike Ride, Working Out

Vibe: Worldly, Fun, Feel Good

Genre: African Soul Funk

If you enjoyed this one, check out some of our other favorites by Voilaaa; “Spies Are Watching Me,” “On te l’avait dit,” & “Ça fait du bien – Voilaaa Remix.”

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