Mad – MAR1ASOL (ft. Ginga Soul)

Up and comers, MAR1ASOL and Ginga Soul, come together for an emotion-provoking and soulful tune called “Mad” and it is everything we could ask for in our first artist submission to the blog. 

This tune has a tastefully simple beat and bass guitar, highlighting the vibe and message of the vocal. Both singers are beautiful vocalists, carrying an authentic vibe of struggle when expressing their hardships in the music industry. 

We suggest checking out the rest of MAR1ASOL and her collection of originals. They range from vocal-heavy grooves to authentically expressive ballads of emotion and the human experience!

Where to Listen: Relaxing at Home, Making Dinner, On a Walk

Vibe: Chill, Emotional, Raw

Genre: Neo Soul R&B

Check out some of MAR1ASOL’s other amazing tracks like “Ladies” & “Alive” below.

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