Show You Love – Local Opener (ft. Dent May)

Nashville based indie rock musician, Local Opener, has been releasing some wonderful new songs over the last year.

Local Opener has a laid back feel that makes you feel optimistic, happy, and bright. This artist project is the side project of Johny Fisher who is one third of band Okey Dokey. He’s been releasing tracks featuring all sorts of awesome indie artists that all have a beautiful feel to them.

On “Show You Love,” Local Opener brings his sunshine soaked guitar riffs with a nice laid back beat to pair up with the vocals of both him and songwriter Dent May. This is quite the love song that will make you feel happy and hopeful about the future.

Where to Listen: Bike Ride, At the Beach, Relaxing at Home

Vibe: Hopeful, Loving, Happy

Genre: Indie Rock

Since he put started putting out music on his own in 2020, he has released a slew of good tracks. Some of our other favorites include “Naturally (ft. Leah Blevins)” & “Do You Got a Man? (ft. Chanceyland & Aksel Coe).”

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