My Love – Bellaire

French DJ and Producer, Bellaire, sends 2020 off with an absolute banger that is in tune with his disco-house style releases over the course of the year. 

“My Love” is a summertime feeling anthem that inspires joy and movement in any listener. This one is funky from the start, beginning with a swinging guitar riff and a simple beat and moving into a ballad of piano chords and dreamy synths. 

The track is celebratory and upbeat, but is also more approachable than some dance music can be these days. With subtle elements coming in and out throughout the song rather than having big drops and hard breakdowns, there is adequate tension and release in this one to make you want to dance, while also being a song that you can play anytime and anyplace.

Where to Listen: Driving, Working Out, Dance Party

Vibe: Summery, Happy, Upbeat

Genre: House

Keep an eye out for more Bellaire in the future, and check out some of our other fav’s by him, “Paris City Jazz” & “Spiritual Thang,” below!

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