unimpressed – Magsy

We are continually blown away by new artist, Magsy, who after two incredible track releases brings us a song that will make you feel deeply and reflect on life itself.

Coming from a deeply personal place and time, Magsy allows his vulnerability to be truly experienced by the world on his new track “unimpressed,” using just his voice and light keyboard. It really is a gift to be able to create such deep emotion in a listener with just your voice, but that is the magic of Magsy.

Reflecting on the trials and tribulations of growing up and seeing the world in a new light, “unimpressed” is bound to connect with people all over the world. This song is truly special and everyone should take a moment to listen to themselves. Thank you Magsy for another beautiful song, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Where to Listen: On A Walk, Relaxing at Home, In the Car

Vibe: Emotional, Contemplative, Nostalgic

Genre: Pop R&B

If you haven’t heard Magsy’s first two releases yet, be sure to check out “COUNT ON U” & “MINE” below. And keep your ears to the ground for more Magsy coming very soon.

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