Where Do You Go When You Dream – Woods

American folk rock band, Woods, have been releasing sun soaked, acoustic leaning tracks since 2005 and this year we’ve been gifted with not one, but two wonderful albums.

Their first release of 2020, titled Strange to Explain, hosts a slew of incredible tracks including some of our favorites we’ve heard from them thus far. Their fun and laid back indie rock sound makes the music perfect for a sunny day outside or a rainy day at home.

On “Where Do You Go When You Dream,” Woods lays out a beautiful, grooving song with some soothing keys, vocals, and guitar. The track sets a great vibe and should definitely be on your playlist for this winter.

Where to Listen: On a Walk, Driving, In the Morning

Vibe: Hopeful, Laid Back, Groovy

Genre: Indie Folk Rock

If you enjoyed the above track, here are some of our other favorite tracks from the indie rock group, check out “Hollow Home” & “Strange to Explain” below.

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