Everything is Changing – Goldfish (ft. Julia Church)

Electronic duo, Goldfish, teams up with singer/songwriter, Julia Church, for a joyous track that embraces the ever changing world with a fun piano groove and some beautiful singing.

Goldfish, from Cape Town, South Africa, have steadily been releasing feel good music since 2006 and they’re still just getting better. The saxophone, bouncing keys, and deep vocals make this a track that is sure to make you feel a sense of hope even in the face of change.

If you need a happiness pick me up, put this one on and turn it up.

Where to Listen: Driving, Running, Dance Party

Vibe: Hopeful, Happy, Feel-Good

Genre: Nu Jazz House

Some of our other favorite tracks from the South African electronic duo are “Moonwalk Away” & “It Was You (ft. Zeeba).” Check them out below.

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