OK – Cool – Aight – Shermanology (ft. Conquer Jones)

Dutch-Caribbean brother-sister duo, Shermanology, has been making fun, funky, and unique music since their first chart-topping releases in 2009. 

“OK – Cool – Aight” is one of those tracks with so much groove and swing that you just can’t help but dance. The focus of this tune is on the bouncing bass and a playful and fun piano roll on top that both feel sophisticatedly jazzy and utterly cool. Conquer Jones, the vocal feature on the song, brings the ensemble together with not only a melodically pleasing vocal that repeats throughout the majority of the song, but also a message with one main takeaway: 

“Make the most of what life has to offer but, most importantly, show life the flyest version of yourself…” 

This track was released on Hot Creations on Shermanology’s three song EP, Bon Bini. The whole EP is top-notch but the title track is also a definite highlight with some upbeat Latin house vibes.

Where to Listen: Dancing with Friends, Beach/Pool Party, Working

Vibe: Swaggy, Cool, Optimistic

Genre: Funk House

And check out Shermanology’s full 3-track Bon Bini EP below.

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