Sakura – Nora Van Elken

Producer/DJ Nora Van Elken has been releasing a slew of wonderful tracks over the last few years leading up to her most recent EP titled Sakura.

Bringing in elements of tropical house, deep house, and techno, she is developing a sound that is very nice on the ears and reminiscent of one of our other favorite artists of the same first name, Nora En Pure.

On this track, titled “Sakura,” she blends a laid back house beat with some cool synths and keys. This track comes off of her recently released album of the same name which we have been extremely impressed by. Give her a listen and check out her full album below.

Where to Listen: In the Morning, On a Walk, Driving

Vibe: Downtempo, Relaxing, Worldly

Genre: Deep House

Here is Nora Van Elken’s new album in full titled Sakura. Some of our other favorite tracks from the album are “Kyoto Nights” & “Torii.”

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