I Wanna Know – Earth n Days

One of our favorite DJ/producer duos, Earth N Days, have released a funky, grooving house track that is sure to get everyone on the dance floor.

Known for their new age disco house flavor, Earth n Days have catapulted to the front of the house world. Their remixes and original tracks continue to play through DJs speakers around the world.

On “I Wanna Know,” we get a fun bouncing bass line along with a fast paced beat and some funky vocals to make a classic Earth n Days track. Play this whenever you’re in the mood to dance or get hyped up.

Where to Listen: Workout, Dance Party, Running

Vibe: Fun, Funky, Upbeat

Genre: Disco House

Check out some of our other favorites from Earth n Days that you are sure to hear blasting from our speakers every week.

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