Avery – Oscar Welsh

Up-and-coming UK artist, Oscar Welsh, has delivered us a smooth, laid back song about a girl named Avery that is sure to make you feel good.

In this track, Oscar Welsh sings lovingly over a jazzy, hip hop beat which seems to have the whole song sidechained to it as the chorus comes in. Drawing from many different musical styles, he crafts a beautiful track that comes during an awesome era of UK artists blending Jazz, Hip Hop, & Indie Rock to create something new and wonderful. His music sits in the same realm as artists like Tom Misch & Jordan Rakei.

Although Oscar is young and only started releasing music last year, we are extremely excited to see where he takes his sound and look forward to more tracks like “Avery.”

Where to Listen: Driving, In the Morning, At the Beach

Vibe: Laid Back, Nostalgic, Hopeful

Genre: Jazz Indie Pop

If you enjoyed “Avery,” check out some of Oscar Welsh’s most popular tracks, “Sixteen” & “Get Yourself To Sleep,” below.

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