Berghain – Boye & Sigvardt

Boye & Sigvardt, a Denmark-based Dj duo, has been on the rise over the past couple of years.

Their mission is to create up-tempo beats that spread joy to their listeners and dance floors around the world, and “Berghain” leads us to believe they are well on their way to succeeding. 

“Berghain” is a late-night feeling tech house track, with some really neat and unpredictable sounds thrown in the mix that make it stand out from the sometimes generic tech house out there today. Whether you’ve been, waited in line and been turned away, or have only heard the stories, you know Berghain is the most famous nightclub in Berlin, and the most exclusive in the world, only welcoming guests who give off an “alternative” impression. 

Boye & Sigvardt captured the dark and mysterious vibe of Berghain with this one perfectly. They definitely intended to make a dance floor banger, but the space left open in this one keeps things feeling perfectly minimal, making this track a versatile one; ready to rock any nightclub or accompany you on a long drive. Skip the line and give Berghain a listen!

Where to Listen: Dance Party, Long Drive, Working Out

Vibe: Late Night, Mysterious, Ambient

Genre: House/Techno

If you enjoyed that track, check out some of our other favorite tracks, “Give Me” & “Who,” from this up-and-coming house duo.

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