Other Side – Khamari (ft. Jae Stephens)

The first release from R&B up-and-comer, Khamari, sounds like he could go toe to toe with many of the big R&B stars of modern day.

On Khamari’s debut EP, Eldorado, he boasts a voice that can go from regular singing into beautiful falsetto with ease. This track, “Other Side,” has a sweet, plucky guitar riff that plays well with the laid back hip hop beat. Jae Stephens lends her gorgeous voice to back up the words of Khamari, as well as, picking up harmonies on the chorus.

Seeing as this is Khamari’s first release ever, we are extremely excited to see where his career goes as he continues to bring us tracks like this one. See you on the other side!

Where to Listen: Relaxing, At the Beach, Driving

Vibe: Laid Back, Sensual, Soothing

Genre: R&B

If you enjoyed this track, check out the rest of Khamari’s debut EP, Eldorado, below. Some of our other favorites are “The Heat” & “Jealous.”

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