September (Eric Kupper Remix) – Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire couldn’t have known the wave that would be caused from their release of “September” in November of 1978.

This catchy and uplifting tune has become a global anthem of celebration, banging bar mitzvahs and weddings for decades, and being certified as six-times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. After Eric Kupper’s remix’s of a few of Diana Ross’s tracks, Earth, Wind & Fire knew he was the one they wanted to do this remix.

Eric Kupper took this classic track and juiced it up, bringing it to the standards of a modern dance floor while keeping it as true to its roots as possible. The track is slowed down just a bit, and the mix puts more emphasis on the disco-house style beat. Eric Kupper is a master at remixing these classics; sprucing them up without taking the attention away from the original attention-grabbing elements of the track. 

Where to Listen: At the Beach, Dance Party with Friends, Celebrating

Vibe: Joyous, Celebratory, Nostalgic

Genre: Disco House

This remix is a newer release that was put out in September of 2020, but Eric Kupper’s remixes that put him on the map are just as noteworthy. Check them out below!

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