Move Like This – Ric Wilson & Terrace Martin

“Move Like This” is part of 6 of a track collaborative EP called They Call Me Disco with Chicago Based Rapper/Hip-Hop artist Ric Wilson and popular LA based producer/musician Terrace Martin. 

It’s been a while since we’ve heard a song that’s as smooth as this, but that’s what we’ve grown to expect from the great Terrace Martin. This song is a masterpiece from the steady upbeat vocals by Ric Wilson down to the energetic and fresh beat that blends hip-hop/disco/house so well.

“This record is a beautiful reminder the disco never stops. Keep smiling, keep dancing, and keep loving.” -Terrace Martin

Where to Listen: Skating, At the Beach, Doing Work

Vibe: Chill, Euphoric, Funky

Genre: Disco Hip-Hop

And if you enjoyed that track, be sure to check out the rest of the They Call Me Disco EP below.

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