Greenhouse EP – Miloe

After catching the release of Miloe’s first few tracks (“Winona” and “Change Your Mind”) off the forth-coming Greenhouse EP, we could not wait to hear the rest. The 5-track EP keeps the feel of summertime in the air no matter what the setting, with a fun yet light hearted indie-rock vibe.

19-year-old artist, Miloe, is new not only on our horizon, but in the music world as a whole. His first release in 2020, “Everything (That Should Go),” now has millions of listens on Spotify leading us to believe Miloe is onto something with this larger release.

Each song in the EP includes soul-soothing guitar blended with smooth and calming vocals. Highlights of the EP are “Winona,” “Change Your Mind,” and “Marna,” but we’d highly consider checking out the EP in its entirety!

Where to Listen: At the Beach, Driving, Relaxing at Home

Vibe: Chill, Nostalgic, Summery

Genre: Indie

Listened through the EP and looking for more from the budding career of up-and-comer Miloe? Check out his self-titled debut EP from 2019.

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