IP’s New Music Friday – October 30, 2020

Welcome to another awesome week of Infinite Purple’s New Music Friday recap where we run through this week’s new tracks to bring you the songs that stand out!

Read all the way through or make your way to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of our Friday discoveries.

All About You – The Knocks (ft. Foster the People)
Pop-electronic duo, The Knocks, team up with one of our favorite bands, Foster the People, for a groovy track with the classic Knocks drums and bass line along with Mark Foster’s amazing writing and vocals. We’ve been so excited for this collab ever since they released “Ride or Die” back in 2018. This track is great for driving around or hanging at the beach.

Moving Men – Myd & Mac DeMarco
We’ve received another incredible collaboration from two of our favorite modern indie artists, Myd & Mac DeMarco. It’s a perfect blend of Mac’s reverbed guitar playing and vocals with Myd’s grooving beats and synths. This collab will definitely get you “moving.”

Hold On – H.E.R.
For those of you who didn’t see H.E.R.’s rocking performance on SNL last week, definitely don’t miss it. H.E.R. has been releasing a consistent slew of music over the last few months, but this track definitely stands out. Singing her heart out as she shreds the guitar, H.E.R. will tug on your heart strings and show you the power of her songwriting with “Hold On.”

Interstellar Love – The Avalanches (ft. Leon Bridges)
This week is full of dream collabs. Here is another one where The Avalanches team up with one of our all-time favorites Leon Bridges to bring us an emotional, vibed out track that’s guaranteed to make you feel something. The vocals of Leon Bridges fall seamlessly on the building synths and sounds coming from The Avalanches. Lay back and enjoy this “Interstellar Love.”

1st Time – Bakar
British singer/songwriter Bakar brings us a laid back track that features quality songwriting skills and some great guitar riffing. The track, “1st Time,” is heavily reminiscent of Kid Cudi & even Tame Impala with its bassline and vocal sounds. Keep an eye on Bakar as he continues to rise in the modern music scene.

Feed the Fire – SG Lewis (ft. Lucky Daye)
SG Lewis always blends funk and electronic in the best way. Here SG teams up with R&B singer Lucky Daye who recently came out with a song with Leon Bridges. The funky, pumping bassline will keep you grooving while Lucky sings along with some fun strings. Blast this one on your next car ride or dance party.

Look Over Your Shoulder – Busta Rhymes (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
Oh how we have missed Kendrick Lamar here at IP. Finally, 10 months into the longest year of all time, we have received our first Kendrick release of the year (even though it’s just a feature on Busta Rhymes’ new album.) The first minute and a half of this track is Kendrick at his prime, playing with his words and cadences to bring us a flow we’ve never heard before. Definitely give this track a listen and fall back into King Kendrick.

Black Rain – Rhye
Rhye always seems to blend funky grooves with emotional, R&B feeling vocals to make something so unique and beautiful that we can’t help to listen over and over. On “Black Rain,” Rhye brings us some awesome synth chords and basslines and their classic falsetto to make a fun, and yet emotive, song.

Trouble’s Coming (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Royal Blood
IP all-time favorite artist, Purple Disco Machine, brings us a disco filled new remix of Royal Blood’s “Trouble’s Coming.” It features PDM’s classic disco bass line, synths, and guitar. Groove out to this new remix and definitely play at your next dance party with friends.

LEISURE has brought us a slew of wonderful new tracks that have caused them to become one of our favorite up and coming groups. After “Slipping Away” & “Spark It Up” made its way to the top of our Current Top 5, LEISURE has released the entirety of their new EP. Our favorite new tracks on the EP are “Lonely Nights,” “Eye 2 Eye,” & “Beautiful.”

Album Vignettes – Wesley Schultz
The Lumineers’ frontman, Wesley Schultz, has blessed us with a solo album titled Vignettes. To be honest, it sounds just like a Lumineers album when you hear Wesley’s sweet singing and calm, minimalist guitar riffing. Wesley really knows how to pull on the heart strings and he absolutely does that here. Some of our favorite tracks from the album are “My City of Ruins,” a cover of Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy,” & “Bell Bottom Blues.”

Album Never Forgotten – MadeinTYO
Rapper, MadeinTYO, has released his fourth album with Never Forgotten. MadeinTYO brings on a slew of popular artists to feature on tracks including J Balvin, Toro Y Moi, Cam’ron, Chance the Rapper, Wiz Khalifa, and more. This album definitely shows the music prowess from MadeinTYO and is another step for his budding career. Some of our favorite tracks are “Money Up (ft. Toro Y Moi),” “BET Uncut (ft. Chance the Rapper & Smino),” & “Aww Man (ft. Wiz Khalifa).”

And some more tracks that stood out this week:

For the full IP’s NMF playlist including some additional songs not featured above, check the playlist below:

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