Summer Madness – Khruangbin

Khruangbin has quickly become one of Infinite Purple’s favorites bands so we salivate at any release we see by them.

This time around the Texas Psychedelic rock band covers the 70’s classic of Kool And The Gang’s “Summer Madness” and gave it that signature Khruangbin sound we love so much. This track will be part of Late Night Tales which is an artist curated compilation of covers and original music.

Many fans first heard of Khruangbin in 2013 through Bonobo’s Late Night Tales where he added the song “A Calf Born in the Winter.” Khruangbin is known for playing 30 second snippets of  “Summer Madness” in their live shows but now we thankfully get to hear it in its entirety!

Where to Listen: Studying, At the Beach, Driving

Vibe: Chill, Soulful, Dreamy

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

And to check out the original by Kool & The Gang, peep the track below:

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