Like this – Park Hye Jin

Park Hye Jin’s latest EP, How Can I, captures a dream-like chill house vibe with just the right amount of emotion and simplicity.

Blending English and Korean rap-style singing, she has been able to create a musical vibe that brings together different cultures and many different sounds. “Like this” is the front-runner of the album, highlighting Park’s ability to lay down an entrancing repetitive vocal with a light and simple house beat.

As a Korean artist, Park Hye Jin, moved from Seoul to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music and has been causing waves ever since. She has been rapping and singing since 2015, and gravitated towards the electronic music scene a couple years later. 

We love being able to feel a different culture or part of the world in somebody’s tunes and Park serves us exactly that. The music world is gaining more and more appreciation for the blending of genre, culture and style, ripping away precious boundaries that had been previously set, and Park Hye Jin is one to keep an eye on for more of this style!

Where to Listen: Watching the Sunset, Driving, Relaxing at Home

Vibe: Chill, Dreamy, Nostalgic

Genre: Deep House

Check out the rest of her How Can I EP below:

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