Quarantine Love EP – Ninetoes

As Ninetoes first big release since he came out with “Volar la Pluma,” Quarantine Love is a 3 song EP that is perfect for the current state of home listening, with each track destined to be viable club hits once we can get back out there.

The EP starts off strong with “Vio,” a fun tribal track featuring a jumpy bass line and beautiful vocals sampled from the classic “Canto del Pilon” by Frank Harris & Maria Marquez. It then leads into “Lit Cigarette” which bounces at a slightly slower pace with seductive lyrics and flutes to match.

He ends the EP strong with “Quarantine Love” which keeps a similar pace to “Lit Cigarettes,” but adds in some harder hitting drums and a darker sound.

Where to Listen: At Home, Dance Party, At the Beach

Vibe: Fun, Tribal, Bouncey

Genre: Latin House

 If you enjoyed this EP, we suggest you listen to “Volar La Pluma” and the song that put him on the map “Finder”.

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