Packard (Nora En Pure Remix) – Oliver Schories & Jan Blomqvist

Nora En Pure’s remix of “Packard,” originally produced in the late collaboration between Oliver Schories & Jan Blomqvist, puts the classic Nora twist on the original, bringing in long and dragged-out siren sounding synths and piano chords atop a pumping minimal-tech style beat.

The energy is constructed around a mystical vocal, and kept high by a simple and punchy bassline. This track showcases some exquisite production and Nora’s true talent while taking the listener on a mystical journey.

Nora En Pure is not only one of our favorite deep house artists here at IP, but she is truly one of the world’s most beloved deep house artists today. Nora gained her initial mass-recognition in the music scene with her epic release of “Come With Me” in 2013, and has been on the rise since, winning awards for “Best Female House Artist” in 2019 and 2020 and rocking stages around the globe for years.

With South African-Swiss roots, Nora uses many classical sounds, such as piano and violin, coupled with worldly tribal beats and instrumentations that make her music feel natural, authentic and downright beautiful. Some of her tunes feature a light and perfect balance of minimal techno and deep house, and all of her tunes seem to transport you to somewhere in nature.

Where to Listen: In Nature, On a Drive, By the Pool

Vibe: Uplifting, Reminiscent, Entrancing 

Genre: Deep House/Minimal Techno

Some of our other favorites from Nora include “Roots,” “Lake Arrowhead,” and “Birthright.” Check them out below!

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