Someone Else’s Dream – Absofacto

Jonathan Visger, front man of Michigan band Mason Proper, started releasing solo work back in 2009. After releasing some lesser-known tracks over the last ten years, Jonathan aka Absofacto, has brought us one of our favorite modern rock tracks of the year.

“Someone Else’s Dream” is a beach-ready, feel good electronic rock song that fuses Absofacto’s awesome writing and singing with fun synths and a groovy drum beat. This is a perfect track to listen to on a bike ride or any kind of adventure.

Sail away to a remote tropical island with Absofacto on this one!

Where to Listen: At the Beach, Driving, On an Adventure

Vibe: Fun, Uplifting, Laid-Back

Genre: Electronic Rock

Following Absofacto’s release of “Someone Else’s Dream” a few weeks ago, we received this amazing remix by slenderbodies that makes it a bit more dancey while still keeping it laid back.

Too be honest, not sure which one we like more, but they are both worth adding to your playlist.

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