If I Can’t Get Down (Mousse T.’s Funky Shizzle Mix) – Mike Dunn

Mousse T. is a longtime front-runner in the house music scene, pumping out funky and melodic jazz-influenced house since the early 90’s. You can expect a hefty serving of funk in his originals as well as his legendary remixes such as this one.  

In this remix, Mousse referred back to many of his samples from the 90’s, while keeping the bass hard and funky. With Mike Dunn behind the mic, this track brings the most swagger to the dance floor. 

The original track “If I Can’t Get Down” by Mike Dunn is a must-listen dance-floor banger for those who love house music, and Mousse T.’s remix brings us more of a vibey, summer dance track.

Where to listen: Dance Party, At the Beach, Workout

Vibe: Swag, Funky, Confident

Genre: Funky House

Check out his other recent (funky shizzle) remix of “Testify” by himself and Davie, and an all time favorite of ours, his remix of “Heaven” by The Vision.

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