Wildfires – SAULT

SAULT’s most recent album Untitled (Black Is) is an emotional & poetic masterpiece. Filled with strength and passion, the album does not pull punches and digs deep into a lot of the current racial struggles across the US and the world.

Mixing their message with powerful vocals and laid back beats, SAULT takes us on an incredible groovy & laid back journey worth a full listen through.

“Wildfires,” the most popular track on the album, shimmers with feelings of resiliency and power (us West Coasters will find this very relevant with the current state of things). It’s funky, mysterious and hits all the right vibes. Check out Wildfires and SAULT’s entire new album below!

Where to Listen: Making Dinner, Driving, Relaxing

Vibe: Smooth, Emotional, Strong

Genre: R&B

And here is the full album Untitled (Black Is):

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