Time (You and I) – Khruangbin

One of our much loved artists, Khruangbin, brings us an upbeat and danceable summertime tune from their latest album, Mortechai. There is no feeling like playing as a kid; the sun on your skin, sand on your feet and your best friends by your side.

And “Time” brings us back to those moments of staring into the sunset, arms around good friends, embracing the feeling that we might just be young and free forever. 

Coming from instrumental roots, the group is expanding their sound with “Time (You and I)” and other recent vocal releases including “Texas Sun” with Leon Bridges. Khraungbin truly is a group that has no boundaries in terms of vibe and genre, and we are excited to see how they continue to magnify their sound. 

Where to listen: Relaxing/Dancing with friends, In the car, By the beach

Vibe: Fun, Reminiscent, Happy

Genre: Alternative/Indie 

Here is their other recent track “Texas Sun” featuring our IP favorite Leon Bridges which brings all the afternoon sunset kind of vibes.

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