Better – Ricky Reed, Leon Bridges, Kiana Ledé

Am I the only one that’s instantly soothed by the sweet crooning of Leon Bridges?!

The man can do no wrong & this track is no different.

Although in “Better”, we have super producer Ricky Reed helming the laid back track as the third single off of his forthcoming album, The Room. The album features a deep roster of musicians including Jim James, Alessia Cara, Terrace Martin, and the Dirty Projectors.

Blending hip hop beats, sweet guitar, and the beautiful voices of Leon Bridges and Kiana Ledé, Better is a soothing R&B track guaranteed to make you want to be better for the one you love.

Where to Listen: At the beach, Relaxing at home, Dinner with friends

Vibe: Laid Back, Sensual, Hopeful

Genre: Laid Back R&B

Plus, check out Leon Bridges new song featuring Terrace Martin (dream collab) which is just as good if not better.

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